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by | Apr 11, 2019

Your windows are dirty again! Grime and dirt on the outside. Oily handprints inside. It seems like as soon as you clean them they’re dirty again. And when they’re dirty it’s always so obvious because they’re windows after all: They light up every day.

At Northbay Maintenance we’re not superheroes, but we can clean your windows for you when you have better things to do. Our professional window cleaning services are fast, affordable, and thorough.

We offer both commercial window cleaning and residential window cleaning services. We handle all window types and sizes, and we can deal with complicating factors such as:

  • Busy properties with people moving around nearby
  • Obstacles and hazards such as gates, power lines, and shrubbery
  • Tall buildings requiring high ladders or suspended platforms

Here’s a look at the advantages of hiring our professional crews for your window maintenance.

When Trees or Plants Get in the Way

Professional window cleaning isn’t just about doing a thorough, high-quality job. Windows can be surprisingly difficult to reach when they’re hiding behind hedges, bushes, trees, or other plants.

If you’ve tried to clean these windows yourself, you know what a nuisance it is. The work takes more time and energy. You’re liable to get scratched up, and you could even end up injuring the plants. Why bother? Your time is better spent elsewhere. Leave tricky windows like these to professionals who have experience working around plants without bothering them.

At Northbay we’ve tangoed with trees, hopscotched with hedges, and done the cancan with clematis vines. We have the equipment and the experience to handle just about any obstacles your home or business can dish out. We’ll get in there and do a good, professional window cleaning job without damaging or disfiguring your plants, and we’ll do it much faster than you could on your own.

Don’t Stick Your Neck Out to Reach Upstairs Windows

Any window off the ground floor, or requiring roof access, is a safety hazard. Sure, you can probably handle it on your own, and 99 times out of 100 you’ll be fine, but that’s the thing about risk: standing up on a ladder, or climbing onto your roof, is a source of risk. It can get you hurt. Even if you take precautions, accidents happen sometimes.

At Northbay, we’re protected by our experience. Our hardworking cleaning crews are out there every day doing window maintenance. We use our own equipment that we’re familiar with and properly maintain. We know the common hazards and risks, and we know where to pay extra attention so that we stay safe.

Stay safe and leave those high windows to a professional window cleaning team.

Clean Windows Make People Happier

There’s a reason virtually all buildings have windows. They bring light and warmth, and they’re a connection to nature. Dirty windows are literally bad for your health, not because of the dirt but because dirty windows weaken that connection with the outdoors.

It takes a good technique to get windows sparkling clean. At Northbay Maintenance we have it down to a science. We provide an even, deep cleaning that removes all traces of dirt and oils, without leaving streaks that are often such a hassle with DIY cleaning.

We also use tools and cleaning solutions that keep your windows clean for much longer. If you just spray a little Windex and wipe it down, that window becomes a magnet for dirt. In contrast, a professional window cleaning from us will keep your window clean for longer.

Green Cleaning

Worried about chemical use? Want to help the environment? Ask us about our green cleaning options! For a little more, you can get the same great professional window cleaning job with a much smaller environmental footprint.

Catching Aging Windows Before They Go Bad

Windows degrade over time. That’s because of how they work: you have to cut a hole in the wall to install them, and this seal between the window and the wall is a major weak point for long-term problems. Windows are a top source of leaks and moisture infiltration, which can result in everything from wood rot to mold growth. They’re also a common source of heat leaks, letting outside air get inside when you don’t want it to.

The windows themselves also age. The seal between the glass panes can fail, allowing moisture to get inside, resulting in your windows often fogging up or collecting condensation. Wind, especially here in California, can carry particles of dust that create pits and craters in the glass, reducing the quality of the light while increasing glare.

As part of an ongoing program of window maintenance, it’s important for you to catch an aging window before it causes any serious problems. At Northbay, we’re in a good position to help you out with this because we’ve seen millions of windows. By hiring our professional window cleaning services, you’ll get a pair of expert eyes on your windows on a semi-regular basis.

Leave It to Northbay: Call Us for a Free Evaluation!

Leave the hassle of window cleaning to us. Northbay Maintenance proudly serves the wider North Bay Area of California, including Napa, Marin, Sonoma, and Eastbay Counties.

In addition to our professional window cleaning, we offer many other cleaning services, including:

  • Janitorial Service
  • Pressure Washing (Residential & Commercial)
  • Apartment Cleaning
  • Office Cleaning
  • Commercial Cleaning

Contact Northbay Maintenance today for a free onsite evaluation of your window maintenance needs. We’ll discuss your job with you and give you a quote. We offer the evaluation for free because we know you’ll be impressed by our professional equipment and crews. How can you not be impressed by a team that’s done the cancan with a clematis?


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