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Customers need, and deserve, to feel safe parking in your business parking lots and garages. If they can’t read the signage, or see where to park because the lines have faded, they could get frustrated and leave.

Northbay Maintenance is here to remove any barriers to safe customer and staff parking for your business. We provide professional, high-quality striping and paving services, making your parking lot easy to navigate and safe again. We can also assist with replacing or maintaining other parking and property signage (including stop, wrong-way, and caution signs).

Our Commercial Paving and Striping Contractors

Let us stay on top of your paving and striping needs. If a vehicle has an accident while on your property because the parking signage or painted stripes were not clear, you could be held legally liable. We can repaint all your road signage and markers using the best reflective paint available and help with ADA compliant signage for parking. With our extensive experience, we have the knowledge to select the right grade, shade, and process to stripe your roads and walkways.

If your pavement is cracking due to natural causes, roots breaking through the concrete, or from construction projects, our team has professional-grade paving equipment to pave your streets and walkways too.

Northbay Maintenance provides commercial striping services for:
Traffic flow arrows
Pedestrian walkways
Stop lines
Parking spaces

Our Eco-Friendly Advantage

At Northbay Maintenance we believe in doing our part and using environmentally friendly cleaning products and processes. We’d be happy to share more about our processes and products with you. Just ask!
You focus on your business… we’ll help people park safely.

Zac’s Cleaning Tip

For busy parking lots, we suggest re-striping them once a year. If they receive less frequent use, you could extend that to 24 months.

The Northbay Maintenance Difference

Other cleaning and maintenance companies come to your business late, do the job to a sub-par level, then leave. We prefer to take a more proactive approach to help you get the best value from our services. When we provide our on-site estimates, we look at your whole site to see how everything works together, so we can see where our time is best spent. Then we explain everything to you, so you can make the final decision.

We also believe that high-quality service should be standard. That’s why we always arrive when we say, have an on-site supervisor to manage the project and use the latest commercial-grade products and equipment to make your commercial space sparkle.

You focus on your business… we’ll help people park safely.

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