Window Cleaning

Tired of starting at the smudge on your window?

Northbay Maintenance provides the highest quality window cleaning around the Bay Area.

We’ve been consistently rated as one of the
“Top 5 Best Window Cleaners in Sonoma and Marin County” on Yelp.

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It’s not just cleaning a window

Or the sills, or the tracks (which a lot of cleaners miss). Providing a client a crystal clear window is a source of pride and joy to our family owned and operated company. Each of our window technicians is an industry veteran, with years and sometimes decades of invaluable experience. Have foggy windows that don’t come clear when cleaned? We know why. Have hard water stains that don’t ever come off no matter how hard you scrub? We can help.

We realize you are trusting us entering your home. Which is why our hiring, vetting and training process is so demanding. We are also happy to send you pictures and a bio of the technician(s) that will be working with you on your project.

The technicians entering your home will be:

  • Professionals with multiple years of experience and skill
  • Courteous
  • English speaking
  • Respectful of your privacy, your home and your property
  • Be mindful of your pets and any special requirements
Our use of OSHA approved ladders, tools and safety background ensure everyone stays safe while cleaning your windows.
We use industry leading window cleaning technology such as water-fed poles and de-ionized water to clean your windows. Regular water has a charge and particles in it that can leave residue and smudging on your windows. De-ionized water has no charge, removing all dirt and particulates and allowing the window to dry spot-free every time.
We like to chat almost as much as we like to clean windows. To us, cleaning windows is just one part of the experience we want to impart on you. We love completing a job and feeling like we’ve made a friend… A friend that can count on us for anything they need help with.
Our team handles window projects ranging from residential homes to 26 acre commercial buildings with specialized teams dedicated to residential and commercial projects. Give us a call to see how we can handle your window needs.
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