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Our streets and sidewalks go through a lot. From busy foot traffic to inclement weather that causes debris to pile up in the gutter, it takes a lot to keep the streets around your business clean. We get it. At Northbay Maintenance, we offer premium street sweeping services to keep your parking lot, adjoining sidewalks, and streets looking great all year round.

Unlike other street sweeping companies who simply push dirt and trash to the side, we ensure that your shared walkways and parking lots are free of trash and dust for a community space that is both safe and attractive for your customers.

A New Kind of Street Sweeping Service

Unfortunately, dirt happens. But that doesn’t mean that you need to deal with it. Put that broom down and let the professionals at Northbay Maintenance handle the rest. When your parking garages and lots, adjoining sidewalks and streets are littered with grime and trash, the cleaning professionals at Northbay Maintenance can help.

Our experienced team of cleaners surpasses all other street sweeping companies. Northbay Maintenance’s veteran team has over 100 years of combined service experience and are trained in the latest cutting-edge equipment, technology, and street sweeping services available in the industry today. From pressure washing that can help remove deep oil stains and grime from your parking lots to spotless commercial window cleaning that helps your business stand out, Northbay Maintenance is here to help you succeed.

Ready For Stress-Free Service?

If you’re looking for a company that can take care of your street sweeping service down to the last detail, you can’t go wrong with Northbay Maintenance. Let us take on the stress of your street sweeping needs — contact us today for an onsite estimate.

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