Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpets get filthy over time. Vacuuming by itself won’t prevent the gradual accumulation of oils, grime, and odor. A dingy carpet in need of a little TLC sends the wrong message about your business, and can even make the air in your business stale if you don’t have a strong HVAC system.

Fear not: Northbay Maintenance offers commercial carpet cleaning services to give your carpets the deep cleaning they need to be in top shape! It’s just one of the many commercial cleaning services we’re proud to offer businesses in the North Bay area.

Behold, Our Not-So-Secret Commercial Carpet Cleaning Technique!

Commercial carpet cleaning takes careful attention to detail and the knowledge to know what works for each type of carpet material. Without the proper experience, training, and equipment, you’re liable to waste cleaning supplies, spread germs, damage or discolor the carpet, or even damage the floor beneath.

At Northbay Maintenance, our commercial carpet cleaning services include gentle steam cleaning that cleanses your carpet without leaving it wet and heavy. Our carpet cleaning techniques involve a minimal amount of chemicals so you can rest assured that your floors, and your business, are safe from harmful damage.

Our veteran cleaning crews have over a hundred years of industry experience between them. They have the supplies and equipment to succeed at any task. They work fast and get the job done right. These are good people whom you can trust to maintain your premises in a clean, attractive condition, whatever your specific needs may be.

Let Northbay Keep Those Carpets Clean

Contact Northbay Maintenance today to discuss our professional commercial carpet cleaning services. We serve the wider North Bay area, including Sonoma, Napa, Marin, and Eastbay Counties. Ready to get your carpet back in shape? Schedule a free onsite evaluation now!

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