Parking Lot and Garage Cleaning

People take their parking spaces seriously. If you’re the one in charge of parking maintenance, you know that shutting down a garage or lot can result in hundreds of angry people who want their spaces back breathing down your neck. Whatever your service — whether you offer parking just for employees or use your lot as a revenue generator — here at Northbay Maintenance we understand that completing your parking garage cleaning right, the first time, is essential.

Northbay Maintenance knows how to minimize the disruption of our parking lot and garage cleaning services to your facility and tenants. Whether it’s working at midnight or creating a custom plan that fits your needs, we strive to always do what is best for you. In fact, we’ve become so good at what we do, we’ve been asked to travel out of state to help facilities with their specific needs.

Why it Matters

Extend The Life of Your Parking Lot

Once a parking structure has already begun to deteriorate, catching up on maintenance can be difficult, time-consuming, and hard on your wallet. Routine maintenance, like regular parking garage cleaning services such as sweeping and pressure washing, has been proven to extend the life of parking garages. By removing oil spills soon after they happen, we prevent oil from setting in and deteriorating the concrete. Periodic sweeping can pick up small pebbles, rocks, and other foreign objects, preventing vehicles from grinding debris into the concrete and extending the time you can take between major renovations.

Parking Lot Cleaning That Keeps Your Customers and Employees Safe

Parking garages get filthy. Car exhaust pollutants accumulate inside parking structures leaving a troubling black film on the floors and walls. More worrisome is the carcinogenic metallic brake dust that can accumulate in enclosed spaces and ultimately impact the respiratory health of those who park there. Routine parking garage cleaning from Northbay Maintenance helps control brake dust and pollutants keeping the structure safe for you and your patrons.

All-Inclusive Parking Lot Cleaning

Cleaning a parking garage and lot requires special techniques and equipment to remove set-in oil and grease. We make parking lot cleaning a breeze with all-inclusive services that cover everything from large-scale litter removal and street sweeping to pressure washing and degreasing. When it comes to parking garage and lot cleaning, we do everything for you, saving you from having to hire multiple cleaning companies to get the job done — now that’s convenience.

Cut Grime Out of Your Life

Whether your parking lot just needs a good sweep or a deep pressure washing to eliminate slippery oil and grease spills, we’ve got you covered. Equipped with the best parking lot cleaning equipment and techniques available in the industry, we are able to soak up and remove most types of engine oil and grime with eco-friendly techniques and use steam and pressure cleaning to leave the concrete or asphalt surface clean and safe.

Cleaning That is Always Compliant

The Clean Water Act of 1972 imposed strict regulations on the pressure washing industry, with California then enacting the Porter-Cologne Act designed to further manage and minimize pollution and chemical runoff into our waterways. Today, the pressure washing industry is heavily regulated and California places the burden of responsibility on both the service provider and the people hiring the pressure washing company. With all the grease, oils and pollutants coming up in parking garages, the last thing your business needs to worry about is a potential $50,000 fine from the state of California for hiring the wrong parking garage cleaning company. It’s more important than ever to work with a company that knows what they are doing and won’t cut corners.

To stay compliant within California state laws, we’ve invested in a unique closed-loop system which allows us to reclaim, filter, and reuse up to 98% the water we are using on the job site. It’s an industry-leading system that minimizes the amount of water we use on your parking lot and garage cleaning services, keeping your property compliant, the waterways clean, and everyone happy.

Our highly-trained, dedicated staff always come with an onsite supervisor ensuring that every job gets a top-quality result. For more information on our parking garage cleaning services, contact us today.

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