Pressure Washing

Custom Commercial Pressure Washing Services

It’s an unavoidable fact of life — building surfaces get dull, decks get faded, and sidewalks turn black from years of grime. Remove mold, paint, and dirt from your exterior walls, gutters, and parking lots with Northbay Maintenance’s professional residential pressure and commercial pressure washing services. Pressure washing is the fastest and most uniform way to clean the outside of homes and buildings meaning your exterior surfaces get back to looking brand new in an instant.

Clean Exterior Surfaces in Minutes

Cleaning exterior surfaces without the proper equipment can take hours if not days, and nobody has time for that.  With Northbay Maintenance’s commercial and residential pressure washing services, you can save time and money by refreshing tired, dirty surfaces fast. Our pressure washing services not only help strip away years of grime to improve the appearance of buildings and gutters, but our commercial pressure washing services can also be used to sanitize dumpsters and hard to reach areas to create a healthier and less toxic environment for your business.

As one of the few licensed pressure washing companies in Northern California, our team has the unique skills and equipment that allows us to complete projects that other companies aren’t able to do.

Pressure Washing at No Pressure to You

When you hire Northbay Maintenance for your commercial and residential pressure washing needs, you’re making a choice to stop worrying about impossible cleaning tasks in your home or business. Our expert team of pressure washing technicians has the skills and equipment to undertake the largest and most detailed of cleaning jobs giving you time to get back to what matters most.  Contact us today for your onsite pressure washing estimate!

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roof cleaning
Successfully cleaning roofs requires a special touch. Granules on shingles can become easily dislodged with high pressure which is why we use a gentle application and chemical wash that will remove growth and help lengthen the life of your roof.
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don't pay for painting
Rather than a full-house re-paint often times refreshing your home/business with a pressure washing service will bring the exterior back to a clean and vibrant look.
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pool area
It’s a dream to be able to lounge around the poolside. But it quickly turns into a disgusting nightmare when slimy algae and mold grow all around. Hey that was my favorite tanning spot! We can clean your sliver of paradise up so you can go back to enjoying your pool. Surf’s up!
hot pressure washing
Emitting hot water at temperatures up to 200°F these machines are perfect for cutting through grease and tough grime in mostly commercial applications.
cold pressure washing
We have a fleet of pressure washers ranging from low pressure to machines able to cut through concrete. Combined with our decades of experience we are confidently able to complete any job you need done.
the customized approach
Sometimes areas are too degraded or delicate to blast away at. Areas with chipping paint, crumbling concrete or older homes are brought back to their former glory with our white glove approach of hand scrubbing and delicate care. Other jobs require special attention which is why customers call us.
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