Parking Garage & Parking Lot Striping

The importance of good parking lot striping is easy to take for granted until you find yourself in a parking lot without it. At Northbay Maintenance, we’re here to make sure this doesn’t happen to you — or your customers!

Why You Need Good Parking Lot Striping

In addition to looking run-down and uncared for, a parking lot or garage that has faded striping is likely to be hazardous to your customers and their vehicles. Additionally, it opens up your business to legal liability if a vehicle collides with a structure or another car — and your business has no time for that!

These are problems you can control by staying on top of your lot or garage’s striping needs with a professional parking lot striping company like Northbay Maintenance.

Signage Too

Striping isn’t just about the lines that define parking spaces. It also covers painted traffic flow arrows, outlined pedestrian walkways, stop lines, and much more. In parking garages, there are additional wall and ceiling stripings indicating parking locations, vertical hazards, exit pathways, and more.

Good parking lot striping companies don’t just lay down the paint. At Northbay Maintenance, we’re familiar with the regulatory standards and industry best practices to make sure that your parking garage or lot striping successfully promotes both safety and limits risk. Our expert team knows everything from which grades and shades of reflective painting to use for a given job to the proper width and thickness of lines in any given situation — whatever your situation needs, we know what to do.

In addition to meeting your striping needs, our parking lot striping service team can also install or replace physical signage that has worn down over time, such as stop signs, wrong-way signs, and caution signs. Our all-in-one contractor team also provides parking lot cleaning services so you can guarantee your structure is well marked and in great shape year-round.

Let Us Earn Our Stripes at Your Lot or Garage

At Northbay Maintenance, we serve the greater North Bay area and offer a wide variety of commercial services beyond striping to spare you the hassle of dealing with multiple contractors. One bill, one team, one schedule, one easy project that’s done on budget and on time — that’s our promise to you.

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