San Rafael Cleaning & Renovation Company | Northbay Maintenance

Northbay Maintenance is a San Rafael cleaning and renovation company that offers full-service cleaning and maintenance services for commercial and residential customers in the North and East Bay area. We also do renovations and remodels! If it falls under the umbrella of cleaning, maintenance, or remodeling, Northbay Maintenance can do it for you!

Your New Favorite Maintenance & Cleaning Company in San Rafael

As your all-in-oneSan Rafael cleaning and  renovation company, Northbay Maintenance provides all of the following services:

Whatever your needs happen to be, we can put together a service package that matches them efficiently. And, of course, we’re always available when something unexpected pops up!

Need a San Rafael Renovation Company?

Northbay Maintenance also handles commercial renovation and residential remodeling projects! Need your deck refurbished or stained? Want to do a kitchen remodel? Maybe you’d like your driveway resurfaced? We can do all this and more! We really are your one-stop contractor for cleaning, maintenance, and renovations.

Hire a Truly All-in-One San Rafael Cleaning & Renovation Company

Just imagine the convenience of having one cleaning and maintenance company for all of your needs! Our veteran crews and teams of specialists bring a high-quality level of service to their work that clearly shows. At Northbay Maintenance, we’re not just a one-trick pony. We want to do more than just earn your business: We want to keep it.

Give us a call today to discuss what we can do for you!

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