Green Cleaning Services: Eco-Friendly Cleaning Services in the North Bay

There’s a lot of waste that goes into cleaning. The chemicals, the contaminated water, the disposable equipment like sponges and gloves — we all know this needs to change.

Thankfully, being environmentally responsible doesn’t mean that you have to give up on things like cleanliness. On the contrary, high-quality green cleaning services can be just as effective as non-eco-friendly cleaners.

As a professional cleaning company for both residential and commercial spaces, Northbay Maintenance is aware of the many areas for improvement where eco-friendly cleaners can make the biggest difference in reducing their ecological footprint and reduce our waste of the Earth’s limited resources.

So…we did it. Our hardworking team put together a full range of green cleaning services to homes and business like you who care about our stewardship of the planet. We worked on every facet of the business in order to be able to offer you the same outstanding results that you’ve come to expect from us.

We’ve Gone Green. Will You Join Us?

As a premier commercial and residential cleaning company, we understand that our relationship with the Earth needs to change. That’s why we offer comprehensive, elite eco-friendly cleaning services that get the job done with as little environmental impact as possible. Green cleaning services doesn’t need to mean compromised quality when you work with Northbay Maintenance.

Make Northbay Maintenance Your Eco-Friendly Cleaners

Hiring our green cleaning services are a way for you to show that you care about the world as much as you care about your home or business.

Contact Northbay Maintenance today to learn more about our eco-friendly cleaning services and to schedule an onsite evaluation of your home or business in the Napa, Marin, Eastbay, and Sonoma Counties area.

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