Exterior Painting Services

When your home needs a fresh coat of paint, and you don’t have the time to do it on your own: call Northbay Maintenance. Whether you’re in a chic tiny home or have a large, multi-story estate (and anything in between!), our exterior painting services have got you covered.

Exterior paint doesn’t need to just look good. Each layer needs to be applied thoroughly and properly so that they set correctly and will be able to stand up to the elements over time. Our expert painting services crews have over 100 years of combined experience in both exterior and interior painting services, guaranteeing that they not only do the job right the first time but that they save you time and make sure you get a good return on your investment.

Will Pressure Washing Get the Job Done?

Sometimes, our clients call us for exterior painting services when they have a faded wall or grimy exterior home surface that just isn’t looking as great as it used to. While many think this is because the paint has run its course, this isn’t necessarily the case! It’s possible that the dirt and oils that have accumulated over time are responsible for your home’s lackluster appearance. In these situations, our residential pressure washing may do the trick!

Call Northbay For Professional Painting Inside & Out

Whether you’re looking for exterior painting service because you’re ready for a change or because your selling your home, save yourself the time to do what you love most and let Northbay Maintenance handle the hassle.

For a paint job that will stand up to the California sun and weather variants — and look good for years to come! — you need a professional exterior painting services company like Northbay Maintenance.

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