Exterior Commercial Painting Services

If you’re looking for experienced commercial painting contractors who can handle tough jobs on tight timelines, you’ve found us: our experienced, veteran crews at Northbay Maintenance can handle commercial exterior painting on virtually any type of structure, including:

  • Standalone offices and retail establishments
  • Office parks
  • Shopping centers
  • Parking lots and garages
  • Lowrises and midrises (all zone types)
  • Warehouses and big-box retail locations
  • Institutional facilities such as hospitals, schools, and museums
  • Industrial parks
  • Most types of industrial facilities


All-In-One Commercial Painting Service

Northbay’s comprehensive commercial painting services cover all aspects of an exterior paint job, including:

  • Walls and roofs
  • Frames, accents, and exposed structural members
  • Window casings and exterior glass painting / frosting
  • Parking lot and garage striping
  • Sign painting and restoration
  • Waterproof painting, sealing, and staining


Our commercial painting contractors also offer interior commercial painting services.

The Strategic Importance of a Good Paint Job

When it comes to your building’s exterior, clients and customers will always judge a book by its cover. A faded or damaged paint job makes a building—and the business that occupies it!—look old, neglected, and tired.

Failing paint jobs can also accelerate structural aging by letting the elements come into direct contact with the building, promoting corrosion, rot, and mold growth. Each of these negatives carries serious long-term costs, but you can avoid all of them by staying current on your paint jobs and investing in commercial pressure washing when grime becomes too much.

Make a Good First Impression with Northbay

When you need commercial painting contractors who can handle large buildings, specialty needs, or timelines with a quick turnaround, look to Northbay Maintenance. We offer top-quality commercial exterior painting services that will bring out the full beauty and potential of your property.

We’re experts at delivering commercial painting services that match your vision to your budget, on the timeline that works for you. Contact us today to schedule a free onsite evaluation and project bid.

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