Dry Rot Treatment

Dry rot is a real problem in our North Bay California climate. Luckily at Northbay Maintenance, our mold remediation and dry rot treatment team specializes in detecting and stopping dry rot in its tracks saving you the time, trouble, and big bucks associated with extensive dry rot removal.

What Is Dry Rot?

Dry rot is a fungal disease that causes wood to lose its strength over time and eventually fail or even disintegrate entirely. When not discovered and treated early, it can leave many a homeowner or commercial landlord clutching a huge repair bill in their hand and shouting “Dry rot!” up to the sky.

When dry rot occurs in critical structural components or is left unchecked for a long time, it can even lead to structural failure, making it quite dangerous. If you suspect that your home or business has fallen prey to dry rot, it’s important to seek out dry rot treatment now.

What Are My Dry Rot Removal Options?

Dry rot removal can take one of two directions: if the wood is still healthy and capable of bearing weight, our expert team can usually treat the infection with fungicidal agents. However, if the wood is compromised, then proper dry rot treatment requires the entire compromised area to be replaced.

Since a lot of dry rot repairs are completed under your home or in obscure areas you don’t see every day, it can be hard to tell if the company you hired is doing the right job. There are a lot of details that go into effective, long-lasting dry rot treatment including continuing measures to prevent dry rot from coming back.

For example, do you know if your contractor is using the proper screws? It sounds like a trivial detail, but cheaply coated screws rust fast which can compromise the quality of your newly replaced wood and create new dry rot. What about the quality of the wood? Is your contractor using treated wood that is resistant to rot or have they cut corners and installed wood that will need to be removed again in 5 years?

At Northbay Maintenance, our professional crews take the time to help educate you on your best dry rot removal options. We care about the safety and integrity of your home and understand that saving a dollar on materials can get expensive in the long run, and we’re not willing to gamble with your future.

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