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We’re not just a full-service cleaning company — we’re a deck staining company too!

In fact, Northbay Maintenance prides itself on offering all the different cleaning, maintenance, and home improvement tasks a home is likely to need, whether it be weekly tasks like in-home cleaning, seasonal tasks like window washing, or once year projects like our deck staining services.

Staining your deck does more than get it ready for long summer days of BBQ fun or revamp the look of your backyard. Deck staining and sealing is an important practice of home maintenance as it protects your wood from aging and warping. Hiring a reliable and experienced deck staining company, then, is as much about aesthetics (and making your next door neighbor jealous) as it is protecting your home’s value for years to come.

Our Deck Staining Service Options

We offer are several options deck staining colors and sealants to choose from:

Transparent & Semi-Transparent

A transparent stain highlights the natural beauty of your deck and the true color and texture of the grain on the wood. This is a great way to achieve a more natural look or to show off high-quality wood. A semi-transparent stain is similar to transparent stain but adds more color to the final result, adding an extra “oomph” to the natural color of the wood.

Transparent and semi-transparent stains are easier to maintain than solid and semi-solid stains, as they dissipate more naturally over time. One downside, however, is that transparent deck stain does let more sunlight through, aging the wood faster than other stain types.

Want a recommendation from an experienced deck staining company? Transparent stains are not a great choice for old or blemished wood that doesn’t look beautiful anymore.


A semi-solid stain lets you see a subtle impression of the wood grain while mostly imposing its own shade and protectant layer of color. Some people really like this muted, delicate effect.

As a professional deck staining company, we think this is a good default choice if you’re not sure which option to go with. It shows off the wood relatively well, while also slowing aging by blocking most sunlight from reaching the wood.

Solid / Opaque

This type of stain has an end result similar to paint: it completely hides the texture and color of the wood, giving you full control over the color and maximum protection from sunlight. Unlike paint, however, sold or opaque deck stains still offer a faintly natural look. This is a good choice for old or blemished wood.

Our professional deck staining company opinion? Solid or opaque stain makes maintenance a little harder as they tend to accumulate over time rather than dissipate, requiring extensive sanding to get back down to the wood. Luckily, we happen to be expert residential pressure washers, too, helping you to resurface and maintain your deck quickly and safely.


Our deck staining service also includes a paint option. If you’re not concerned about showcasing the wood, or if you want to go with a completely different color from what wood can offer, choose paint. We’ll use a special, more durable paint that stands up against the elements, spilled cocktails, and dirty footprints.


To complete our deck staining services, we recommend sealing the deck to provide additional protection against the sun, everyday use, and harsh weather. The last thing you want is for all that beautiful work to fade away as the wood ages and warps from damage!

Let Northbay Get Your Deck Looking Great

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