Construction Cleaning Services

Northbay Maintenance offers high quality post construction cleaning services for homebuilders, contractors and developers. You’ve spent months of labor and work on your project, let us help clean it up so dust and dirt don’t overshadow your work.

We Get It.

There’s so much to construction your time is better spent elsewhere then running around having to manage residential or commercial cleaning. We get it. That’s why we created a system of onsite managers, quality standard tests and a few other tools to self-manage all the cleaning so you don’t have to. You want a partner you can rely on, simply send to a job and wake up the next morning confident it’s been cleaned the way you expect. Welcome to Northbay Maintenance!

Construction Window Cleaning

Whether it’s the first clean or the final clean we have you covered. Our teams are experts at construction clean up for windows and are able to remove all the stickers, paint, dust and silicone from the windows and frames. You want a partner that knows the difference between standard windows and how to clean safety glass without leaving scratches.

Because we have teams of professional window cleaners we are able to effectively handle large-scale projects. Our onsite supervisors help to ensure the project goes smoothly and that we are tracking to your deadlines. We communicate constantly to keep you in the loop so that you always have a pulse on the status of a project. 

Should you need a rough clean to remove mud or stickers, a final clean to close out the house or a “fluff” clean to keep the windows looking nice during showing we can help. 

Construction Residential and Commercial Cleaning

We’ve done it all. Our teams have worked on residential houses as well as commercial projects and we have professional crews doing everything from carpet cleaning and window washing to dust control and paint spill removal. We can perform 3 different levels of cleaning depending on what phase of construction you are in. Our team recognizes that a construction clean up is very different from a regular house cleaning. We show up prepared and with the right tools and equipment to be able to properly complete the task at hand. From a residential rough clean to a final construction clean to make your project showcase-ready, we are your partners every step of the way. 

We know you are under tight timelines and work with you to accommodate your changing schedules. Responsive, high quality partners you can rely on. Fill out the form below we are usually in touch within the hour!

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