Commercial Renovation Services

When your business or property needs an overhaul, the last thing you need to deal with is the hassle of multiple contractors. Kick confusing multiple bills, scheduling conflicts, and unreliable companies to the side with Northbay Maintenance’s commercial renovation services. From exterior and interior painting to tile installation and beyond, we’re your all-in-one contractor for commercial remodeling services. That means one bill, one provider, all your services completed through the same point of contact.

Unlike other commercial contractors who might cut corners on spending because they know they’ll never see you again, we put in the work. Finishing your commercial renovation to the best of our ability with premium materials you can trust in is our best interest because we want you to hire us for your future painting projects, parking lot striping, window cleaning — you get the point. At Northbay Maintenance, we provide commercial remodeling services you can trust, so you don’t have to waste your time with other contractors.

Our commercial renovation services are designed to anticipate all of your needs. No matter if you’re a mom and pop boutique looking to install new tile flooring, or a large hospital or office building looking for specialty painting services, at Northbay Maintenance we have the experience and competency to serve you.

Commercial Remodeling Services You Can Count On

At Northbay Maintenance, our comprehensive remodeling services include:


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Don’t let your commercial renovation plans get bogged down by a long list of unreliable contractors. For all your commercial needs from cleaning to remodeling and beyond, let Northbay Maintenance handle it for you.

Contact us today to discuss your plans and schedule a free onsite evaluation. We’ll supply you with a project bid that delivers on your vision within the constraints of your budget! Get started today!

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