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by | Sep 9, 2019

Northbay Maintenance strives to be a green cleaning company. For almost all our commercial and residential cleaning and maintenance services, we offer a green cleaning option that eco-conscious clients can choose over our traditional practices. While we do our best to make sure all of our services are conscientious of pollution and resource usage, our green cleaning service is a special add-on option that gives clients the best in eco-friendly pressure washing, cleaning, renovations, and beyond!

Well-Trained, Eco-Conscious Cleaning Crews: Our Heart & Soul

At Northbay Maintenance, our success as a green cleaning company begins with our hardworking crews. Being eco-friendly isn’t just about using biodegradable trash bags — It’s about thinking green.

We hire people who take environmental stewardship into account in everything they do. This way, they’re not just blindly following a “green” checklist. Our crews actively, intelligently manage their ecological footprint while they work: Can this job use less water? What is the runoff going to impact? How can waste be reduced? What are the most eco-friendly chemicals that will do the job properly?

It’s this kind of mindset that forms the basis of our work ethic as a green cleaning company.

Convenience for You

There’s something else about our eco-cleaners that’s special:

Northbay is a “one-stop” cleaning and maintenance contractor, which means we provide a very large amount of independent services, from deck staining to event cleaning, commercial renovation services and beyond. This provides maximum convenience to our clients because you can stop messing with multiple, unreliable contractors and leave it all to Northbay Maintenance to handle.

It takes a fairly large staff of some highly talented people for us to be able to offer so many different services. And it takes even more talent and skill to do this as a green cleaning company. Even in the eco-conscious Bay Area, there are not many cleaning and maintenance contractors who can offer one-stop service in an eco-conscious context.

That’s the crux of our value proposition to clients: We have the size, equipment, and expertise to handle everything—so that you don’t have to deal with multiple contractors—and we can provide all of our services on a green basis.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Agents: More Complicated Than You Might Think!

The first thing most people think about when they imagine a “green” cleaning company is the cleaning chemicals themselves. Believe it or not, this is not as important as some of the other items on this list! However, it’s still important, and it’s something we spend a lot of time thinking about.

We’re always keeping up to date on new eco-friendly cleaning products that are coming onto the market, and if we like them, we’ll try them out to see how they measure up. A green cleaning agent has to pass three tests to earn a spot on our shelf:

  1. It has to get the job done right and in a reasonable amount of time.
  2. It has to offer a clear environmental benefit over what we’re already using.
  3. It can’t be so expensive that our clients refuse to pay for it.

This is more of an art than a science, and it is a LOT more complicated than many people realize. For instance, even something as ancient, simple, and nontoxic as baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) still has to be mined and shipped. To be an honest green cleaning company, we have to ask questions: Where are those mines located? What kind of climate are they in? What is the environmental impact of those operations? As it turns out, some chemicals are a lot more high-impact than others!

You can just imagine how much more complicated it gets when we start talking about refined products like detergents for eco-friendly pressure washing or disposable towels!

What Guides Us

What all of this means is that a truly green cleaning company can’t simply buy a product that says “environmentally-friendly” on the label and call it a day. Even many supposedly green products have significant environmental drawbacks when you dig deep enough.

This doesn’t mean that eco-friendly products don’t exist or that being a genuinely green cleaning company is impossible. Rather, it means we’re committed to listening to what people are saying, continuing our rigorous product research, filling in our own knowledge gaps, keeping up to speed on new product innovations and new scientific research, and experimenting with different products.

Eco-Friendly Equipment & Practices: Incremental Savings Add Up

It’s not just cleaning agents that can be green: Our hardware and other materials can also be green. Energy-efficient appliances and fuel-efficient vehicles reduce our energy usage. Compostable garbage bags reduce landfill waste. Individually, these benefits are often small, but collectively they add up.

As a green cleaning company, that’s one of our secrets to success: The little things add up!

Water Conservation & Wastewater Mitigation

One of the most important examples of little savings adding up to make a big difference is our water usage practices. Fresh, clean water is our most precious natural resource, especially here in drought-ridden California, and at Northbay Maintenance, we do everything we can to conserve it.

The water-saving nozzles on our equipment save hundreds of gallons a day. The eco-conscious mindsets of our work crews save hundreds more. We mentioned our eco-friendly pressure washing equipment, and we have a bunch of other water-saving equipment as well.

The water that does get used ends up becoming wastewater. In most cases, this happens outdoors, where the water either seeps into the ground or flows into a storm drain. Wastewater mitigation is a major environmental priority in California and it’s something every green cleaning company has to take seriously. At Northbay Maintenance, we employ numerous practices to minimize the contamination dangers from the wastewater we generate. This helps protect aquatic wildlife and water quality throughout our region.

Go Green with Northbay Maintenance

Hopefully, you have a better understanding now of what makes us green. From our awesome and hardworking crews to our eco-friendly pressure washing machines, and everything in between, it’s not anyone thing that makes us a green cleaning company — It’s all of the little things, bound together by our wish of protecting the environment for generations to come.

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